Fanatical Template Support is Included with the CLEAN Pack

I've got your back every step of the way

This Includes

Free, Unlimited Chat & Email Support

The Hubspot platform is quite robust. Questions are bound to pop up. When that happens, I’m your go-to. I pride myself on lightning fast response times to ensure you never lose momentum. 

What's the best way to reach you?

The short answer is, any way you like.  For quick questions that you need an immediate answer to, try me on chat.  For questions or requests that require a bit more detail, screenshots, links, etc., sending me an email is the way to go.  

How fast can I expect a response?

I do my very best to send same-day responses to all emails so that you’re never blocked by a question you need answered.  Typically, during my normal business hours here on the west coast, you can expect an answer in 3-4 hours. Sometimes much faster. 

Can we do a screen share?

In some cases, when it makes sense, I’m happy to schedule a screen share. I also have found it very efficient to send screen recording via ScreenMailer to answer your how-to questions.

Does the support ever expire?

Nope! You have my full support as a customer so long as you’re continuing to use (and love) my CLEAN template series.

2 Free Hours of Customization Support

Let’s be honest… Templates are awesome, but sometimes they need to be adapted to better fit your content. Should you need one template’s elements merged into another, I’ve got you covered.

What can I use these free hours for?

Basically, anything you’d like.  I’ve made many of the standard customizations like updating colors, fonts, buttons, extremely easy for anyone to do. So, I suggest using these hours for customization that require a bit more “heavy-lifting.” 

Do I need to use the hours right away?

Nope. You can use them whenever you like. Often times I suggest building out your website and keeping note of the customizations you’d like to have done. That way we can maximize the use of the two free hours.

How do I request a customization?

Just send me an email with details about the customization you’d like done. Links and screenshots are helpful but not always necessary. From there, I’ll need you to temporarily add me to your Hubspot account so that I can make all the updates there.

What if my request is over 2 hours?

You’d be surprised at what can be accomplished within the 2 free hours.  However, should you have further customization work that needs to be done, I’ve got you covered. I offer additional hourly packs that you can choose from.

See Hourly packs » Starts from $300

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